I know I shouldn’t…but it’s SO CUTE!

My little man is hilariously advanced with his sounds. Like, he’s got most of his 4-6 months checked off already (babbling, cooing, mimicing). Part of this, I suspect is because he doesn’t spend 3-4 hours screaming every night like many kids (he most he gets is momentarily upset), then he just seems to get bored with making noise.

However this leaves lots of time for his new favorite game:



Ahh-prrrgh (or however you would make that 8-bit explosion sound. )

And if you talk to him he just gets sad that you’re not playing. But if you start “ahh-goo’ing” back at him, he just squeals with delight, and keeps saying “Ahh-goo!” “Ahh-PUUU!” “Ahh-<explosion sound>”. So yes, I’m communicating with my son through nonsense sounds, even though the baby books say “don’t googoo with them, just keep talking normally!” well…fuck you. He likes it, and when he’s not in the mood to play the game, I do talk normally.
Of course, this is going to bite me in the ass if he ever becomes famous and can only say “Ahh-goo.”


To idiot-mitten or not to idiot-mitten…

My son has taken to scratching his face. He’s just turned 11 weeks, and up until now, no scratches at all. I figured that the older he got the less likely he would do it, so the idiot-mittens have remained in a box. But the first time…out they came. But I couldn’t bring myself to put them on. I have baby nail clippers I use on him, and he’d been recently trimmed, but…well fine we’ll wait until he passes out and trim and he’ll be good.

Nope. Another one the next day. Right on his nose!

Well, maybe he had a baby booger, and I don’t have a baby-booger-sucker-bulb-thingy, and maybe he just managed to do it…

Nope. Another one.

I don’t even know how he’s managing it, his nails are short, and I can’t trim them any closer…he’s just aiming for his face with whatever edge he can manage.
So now the subject of idiot-mittens are back on the table. But I STILL can’t bring myself to put them on. He’s JUST learning to grab things of his own volition. He’s JUST learning how to play with toys. He’s JUST learning to put his hands to his mouth when he’s NOT hungry. (Also, he occasionally gives his toys the finger.) I put mittens on that, now he’s unable to do any of that. Even if I just pop them on when he’s unconsious – it’s not fair to him if he wakes up and hell, he’s probably scratching himself while he’s learning to do this stuff.

So we put them on all the time? All for the sake of what? Tiny, itty bitty scratches that will totally heal? Fuck that.

No idiot-mittens for my boy.

Keeping it honest…

I’m always overthinking things. I’ve been wanting to start this blog for some time, but my mind always goes into overdrive with what if’s. But you know what – just like my art, this blog is for me. And possibly for my son, should he ever wish to read it (note to self, keep the sexual references low, so he doesn’t vomit on the keyboard if he does ever read this blog). Other than that, anyone who likes it is a bonus.

Major cast of characters:

Me – goes by Dembai (or Tracy). I’m pretty well fucked up. Hair very long and slowly going grey.

My son – goes by Ollie. Is pretty fucking cute. Hair slowly growing in.

My hubby – goes by Myles. Is also pretty fucking cute. Hair slowly falling out.

My cat – goes by Riker. Is a giant douche (but what cat isn’t?). Hair leaks in all directions.


Anyone else I mention, well…they’re people too. Probably. My mother in law MAY be undead.