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Baby clothing…

So finally went through, washed and sorted all the baby clothing (again). There’s so many things that he never got to wear, and even more things that were perfect on him just after he was born…that are so small now I can’t even imagine him in them. People always say “they grow so fast” when you’re a kid, but you never see it – you’re just you. My little man has only been around for 3 months, and it seems like years when I look at these tiny, tiny outfits.

One thing that’s cool in my area is a store called “once upon a child” which deals in baby clothing – you give them your old stuff, you get store credit for bigger stuff. Again, this is something I didn’t understand until recently, but when you have a baby, everyone gets you clothing, which then results in piles of outfits that will never be worn simply because they grow JUST that fast!

But anyway – new(ish) clothing for Ollie is exciting! Hopefully we can get that done this weekend.

Now I’m off to sleep!